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What is the cost of Travel Insurance in Nigeria?

Travel Insurance plans vary in price depending on the duration of stay and number of trips involved.
Are you one of the several thousands of Nigerians who frequently travel out of the country for business matters or fun? Then it's high time you gave travel insurance a serious thought - if you haven't done that before now.

Travel insurance essentially covers travelers in the event of accidents, sickness or loss of property during their trips.

Requirements for Travel Insurance in Nigeria

When applying for a travel insurance policy, you will be required to provide your personal information, contact information and details about your travel. These details include the expected date of travel, your destination, the date you want your insurance to start, the type of travel policy you want (single, couple or family), the types of high valued items you would want to specify in your cover, and other necessary details.

Travel Insurance Providers in Nigeria

There are quite a good number of travel insurance providers in Nigeria. Here are some of them:

1 Zenith Insurance

This insurance provider offers two forms of travel insurance plans:

  • the Schengen Travel Insurance plan (which covers travel to selected European countries)
  • the Zenith Worldwide plan (which provides global travel coverage)

These plans vary in price depending on the duration of stay and number of trips involved.

2 Leadway Travel Insurance

The travel insurance policy offered by this company covers medical, financial as well as other possible losses incurable when you travel. The packages or plans available are flexible and cover you in Schengen countries and other countries worldwide.

3 Mansard Travel Insurance

This provider offers travel insurance that provides coverage for medical emergencies, repatriation costs, loss of luggage or specified personal items. There are several packages to choose from but the total cost will be based on the item included in your chosen insurance policy.

4 AIICO Travel Insurance

This provider has travel insurance plans that cover for travellers going to Schengen countries, South Africa and non-Schengen countries alike. They work in partnership with a South African company called Charts and insure travellers against sudden illness and repatriation of corpse to home country.

5 Industrial & General Insurance

This insurance provider is unique in that it partners with other insurance companies outside the country to provide the best for its customers. Their policy covers reimbursement of emergency medical expenses, evacuation, repatriation, emergency assistance services, return assistance and so on. They have flexible packages and are readily affordable.

6 Cornerstone Travel Insurance

The policy holder of this insurance will benefit from protection against bodily injury and loss of luggage. With as little as ₦8,000 and depending on the duration of your stay as well as destination you can get Schengen, worldwide, student and pilgrimage plans.

7 Mutual Benefit Assurance

This insurance company provides travel insurance for travellers to the Schengen region. Benefits of their policy include financial and medical coverage. As with other providers, they have different plans that you can choose from to suit your travel needs.

8 Linkage Assurance

This Company includes Schengen Visa application as well as other travel requirements as part of their travel insurance plan. They have flexible and affordable plans to suit any individual traveling to any Schengen Country.

How much does Travel Insurance cost in Nigeria?

The cost of travel insurance varies from provider to provider. It also varies from plan to plan, depending on what each plan provides coverage for. However, with as little as ₦7,000, you can get the basic travel insurance plan from a number of providers in the country.

Before choosing a plan and provider, it's more than smart to compare travel insurance prices from all reputable providers in Nigeria. Wondering how to do that with absolute ease? Check out Topcheck!

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