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Top 10 craziest things people did to save money

Craziest ways to save money
Putting money away every month is defiantly a step in the right direction to reaching your financial dreams. While saving money can be challenging at the best of times, there are just some things that people shouldn't do to save.

Here are the top 10 most extreme things people have done to save cash:

1 Going off the grid for a week. Yes, that some people don't use electricity for a whole week to save money.

2 Turning your underwear inside out so you can wear it twice before washing.

3 Rationing toilet paper. Some moms only allow six sheets of toilet paper per family member every time they use the toilet.

4 Collecting fast food condiments. Grabbing a handful of tomato sauce and salt sachets seems to be common practice all over the world.

5 If it's yellow let it mellow. Frugal flushing is another common money saving tactic. Some of the most thrifty money pinchers have admitted to limiting their toilet flushing to only when it is absolutely necessary.

6 Going dumpster diving. Its simple, living off of other people's trash is another crazy money saving tactic used worldwide. It even became a trend in Germany's capital Berlin, but fortunately the movement lost its popularity over time.

7 Borrowing baths. Some people choose to use the showers at the gym, workplace, or even at a friend's house to avoid spending the money for using water and electricity at home.

8 Washing clothes in the dishwasher. Sounds weird, but there a stories of people putting their dirty clothes in the dishwasher together with their used dishes to save water and electricity.

9 Reusing paper towels. Wetting and drying used paper towels to save money is common practice of some clever money savers.

0 Bringing home flowers, fresh from the graveyard. This one doesn't need much explaining but apparently graveyards are a hot spot for flower thieves.

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