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Nigerian Credit Cards

Nigeria’s has a history of identity theft and fraud - making credit cards hard to come by. Some banks are able to offer credit cards, but only to their most trusted clients.
This leaves the common folk with limited options. There are, however, a few viable options open for those looking to obtain a credit card.

Credit Card vs Debit Card

The first thing we need to establish is the difference between a credit card and a debit card.
A lot of Nigerians simply want a card that will allow them to make online purchases - such as a Visa or Mastercard. This can be done using a debit card, meaning that money is pre-loaded onto the card. Debit cards like this can be arranged at most banks.
A credit card, however, has an amount of ‘credit cash’. This credit can be used and then paid back. These cards are harder to come by.

Who Can Get a Credit Card in Nigeria?

Actual credit cards are not handed out easily, due to the risk it is to the banks. So to get a card with real credit on it, you will need to be a trusted client of your bank. You’d also need to prove that you are able to pay back the money that you spend.

Types of Credit Cards Available in Nigeria

Here are the most common credit cards you can get in Nigeria.


Get an internationally-recognised Mastercard. This will be issued by independent banks in Nigeria.


Much like the Mastercard, Visa credit cards can be used worldwide. These are provided by Nigerian banks.


This is a Nigerian credit card. They can only be used inside of Nigeria, but can be obtained from multiple Nigerian banks.

Best Credit Card Providers

Credit Card FAQs

Are credit cards safe to use in Nigeria?

While there is an alarming amount of fraud in Nigeria, it is possible to keep your credit card details safe by being vigilant. This will prevent you from becoming a victim of crime.

Do I pay interest on my credit card purchases?

Some cards have no-interest periods. So if you pay back the money within this time period, you will not pay interest.

Must I bank with the same bank that I want a credit card from?

While this may be a prerequisite for some credit card providers, there are those who do not need you to bank with them in order for you to get their credit card.

Can I use my Nigerian credit card overseas?

Mastercard and Visa are accepted overseas. Other Nigerian credit cards, such as Verve, are not accepted in other countries of the world.

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