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2016 Maybach S600 - Luxury Driving Redefined

The 2016 Maybach S600 is all the rage.
The S600 is all style. It's elegant, yet conservative, and it gives that understated look of luxury that lovers of style covet. The S600 was first shown last November at the popular auto show in Los Angeles, where it won the hearts of Mercedes loyalists - and quite a few disloyal lovers of other auto brands. Don't blame them, what's not to love?

The 2016 Maybach S600 is all the rage. In fact, it's widely regarded as the cream of the metal crop. That's a weird description, if you ask me.

Most forward looking and luxury equipped car on planet Earth

Most forward looking and luxury equipped car on planet earth

Experts say that previously designed Maybach models did not quite make the cut for "exceptional" upon release, and sadly were way outdated as at the time they were discontinued. However, the Maybach S600 will be sitting at the hilt of the Mercedes technology. It has been described as the "most forward looking and luxury equipped car on planet Earth!" That's not hype, because any further updates to the S600 can simply be fitted. Sounds cool, right?.

So, if you buy a Maybach, you would practically be buying the future! Whether it's telematics, different driving options, or even a powertrain, you can get it latest updates whenever you feel the itch without shelling out cash for a new car.

Whole new level of classy

Whole new level of classy

Previous Maybach models never helped Daimler achieve its goal of selling about one thousand units per year; a meagre 3000 units were rolled out in ten years of production before discontinuation. The S600, however, seems to be bailing out the brand's and taking Mercedes to a whole new level of classy.

The S600 will be known as the "Mercedes-Maybach S600" in the United States. Americans should expect the same 6.0 litre twin turbocharged V12 engine present in the S600 (Mercedes Benz). The Maybach S600 promises 523 horsepower and 612 lb-ft of torque, and it would run at a sweet 155 miles per hour. So, if you're looking to accelerate to 62 miles per hour? That would take just 5 seconds! However, other markets are to expect the Maybach in eight-cylinder s550 and six-cylinder s400 options.

Luxury Driving Redefined

Luxury driving redefined

One thing the Maybach has got is space: head room space, leg space, family space... In fact, it's got space for life to happen in! Buyers of the Maybach S600 are sure to enjoy all 7.9 inches which have been added to the length and wheelbase of traditional length. You will love the sunroof experience (howbeit standard); the privacy shades with a luxurious interior add up to give that rich, quiet, experience that the Maybach S600 has been designed to provide.

The wraparound wood trim is beautiful, with Maybach stamp of quality embossed in the armrests. There is also a clock with classy fibre optic lightening and speaker grilles complete with chrome plating. Close your eyes, lean back and enjoy the 3D surround for any kind of entertainment or kick you crave, for that power meeting, outing, alone time or time with the family. There are tweeters on the rear doors that open out towards the passenger and of course, silver-plated champagne flutes with adjustable back rests complete with massaging functions. The interior also holds cup warmers (both for cooling and warming) and tables, which can be unfolded from the centre console.

The Mayback S600 was launched in April of 2015 although as a model one year away. If you prize comfort, elegance, space, and technology at its peak, then you want one.

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