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What are the types of Car Insurance?

There are many different car insurance types that Nigerian customers can choose from.
There are many different car insurance types that Nigerian customers can choose from. Comprehensive motor insurance offers the greatest coverage while third party is the cheapest car insurance policy on the market, offering a lower degree of coverage. Compare car insurance policies below and get free car insurance quotes with TopCheck.

Third Party Only

Third Party Car Insurance is the minimum level of car insurance available in the market. It is the legal requirement for car owners in Nigeria. Third party car insurance has a starndardized prize set by NAICOM and depends on the size of your car. Third party car insurance for private cars costs ₦5,000. The policy covers your liability against third parties, providing them with a compensation in case you injured them or damage their property. Read more about Third Party Only Car Insurance  »

Third Party Theft & Fire

Third Party Theft & Fire Car Insurance covers the same damages as the third party motor insurance, namely liabilities caused by damages to third party injuries as well as third party properties. Additionally, third party theft & fire car insurance covers any damages to your car arising from theft or fire. Read more about Third Party Theft & Fire Car Insurance  »

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance is the most complete cover available in Nigeria. It includes all the benefits already covered by Third Party Only car insurance and Third Party, Theft & Fire car insurance, plus many other great benefits. The most important one is that comprehensive car insurance provides protection against any accidental damages to your own car. Besides that comprehensive car insurance can cover any damages arising from rain, storm, or tempest, from civil riots. Some car insurance policies even cover medical expenses or provide a replacement vehicle. Read more about Comprehensive Car Insurance  »

Benefits vary with Motor Insurance Types

Comprehensive Insurance Third Party, Theft & Fire Insurance Third Party Only Insurance
Cover for 3rd party property damages
Cover for 3rd party bodily injuries
Cover for policyholder’s vehicle damages in case of theft or fire
Cover for policyholder’s vehicle accidental losses or damages
Additional benefits (e.g. cover for personal liability, theft/damage of car accessories and personal effects, towing, etc.)
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