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How can I save on my premium?

TopCheck is here to help you in this process of buying an auto insurance policy.
The best advice on how to save on your premium is to shop around and to compare insurance providers and rates.

Picking one of the very first offers you get, without any comparison with other options, may make you leave hundreds or even thousands on the table. TopCheck assists you in this regard allowing you to compare quotes from different providers in an easy and fast way.

In addition, there are also other few tricks that you should keep in mind…

  • CLAIM LESS - the longer time without making any claim the higher reductions in premium, also called no claim bonus (NCB), you are likely to have
  • DRIVE LESS - the less you drive the better chances you have to qualify for low mileage discounts
  • OPT FOR VOLUNTARY EXCESS (DEDUCTIBLE) - offer yourself to pay an additional amount to the compulsory excess, which is the fixed amount you have to pay when you make a claim. As with a voluntary excess the insurer will carry lower financial risk, it will probably be able to charge you lower premiums.
  • OPT FOR SAFETY FEATURES - if your vehicle is equipped with security devices such as alarm and trackers, you may qualify for discounts in the payment of premium
  • PARK YOUR CAR WISELY - if you park your car in a safe place, such as a garage, it will not only help you to maintain your vehicle but also to reduce your premium.
  • BUY ONLY WHAT YOU NEED - explore the different car insurance options, understand your needs and make sure you do not pay for more coverage than your situation calls for.

Ready to save on your premium?