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What is a Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive Car Insurance offers the highest degree of coverage for your vehicle and comes with multiple benefits.
Comprehensive Car Insurance offers the highest degree of coverage for your vehicle and comes with multiple benefits to choose from. Each comprehensive policy includes the benefits from third party car insurance (bodily damages as well as damages to properties), as well as all benefits from third party theft & fire car insurance. Thus, Comprehensive Car Insurance offers you the greatest financial protection possible and matches all insurance requirements for your vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance provides you with the highest degree of protection for your car possible. Besides the coverage for third party bodily and property damages as well as theft & fire, Comprehensive Car Insurance always covers all accidental damages to your own car, damages to personal belongings of items within the vehicle during the accident, as well as costs arising from towing services within your city, state, or country. This comprehensive coverage already provides policyholders with a no-worry coverage, which is highly recommended for all cars above ₦1 million.

Pick additional benefits tailored to your needs

Besides the basic coverage customers can choose additional benefits covered by the Comprehensive Car Insurance policy in exchange for an additional fee. Those benefits can include coverage for damages to your vehicle arising from nature, such as flood, storm, or tempest, as well as from human behavior, such as riots, strike, or civil commotion. Additionally, customers can request a tracking device for their vehicle, which is usually free for all cars above ₦3-4 million, depending on the insurance company. Other optional benefits include a replacement vehicle in case your car is not drivable any more, or excess buyback, which entitles the policyholder to zero costs in case of claims.

Benefits always included in Comprehensive Motor Insurance

  • Third Party Injuries (bodily damages + death)
  • Third Party Property Damages
  • Accidental Damages to Your Vehicle
  • Theft
  • Fire Damages
  • Towing (intra-city and inter-state)

Optional benefits you can choose from

  • Excess Buyback
  • Medical Bill
  • Tracking Device
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Protection against natural disasters (flood, tempest, storm)
  • Protection against civil damages (riot, strike, civil commotion)
  • Loss of Personal Goods

Cost of Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance does not need to be expensive. You can easily pick the coverage you would like to have for your car to get a policy tailored to your needs. Comprehensive Car Insurance is dependent on your car value and usually starts at 2.5%-3.5%, depending on the insurance company. The policy can be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly, depending on your preferences. TopCheck has collected all the rates and benefits from Nigeria's leading insurance companies and provides you with an easy and free overview so that you can make the best choice possible.

If you think, Comprehensive is the right insurance plan, let us find the best offer for you or compare best offers online.

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