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Car Insurance is awesome!

How car insurance works and what factors you need to consider when looking for the policy that suits your needs.
You don't think so? Continue reading! In this interview with Jeanea Okrowako, we'll explain how car insurance works and what factors you need to consider when looking for the policy that suits your needs.

Interview with Jeanea Okrowako

"We really realized how great insurances are and how they make our lives much safer!"

TOPCHECK: Jeanea, its great to have the opportunity to talk to you. We're sorry to hear about your car accident. Please, tell us what happened?

JEANEA: Last June after a really stressful day with lots of appointments at work I was on my way home really looking forward to see my two children when I crashed into a parking car, which was standing unsecured on the street. Luckily nobody was injured, but my car's right front mudguard including the light system as well as the tires were totally destroyed, so I wasn't able to drive home anymore.

TOPCHECK: What did you do after the crash?

JEANEA: Three weeks before the accident I luckily procured a comprehensive car insurance with Equity Assurance via TopCheck, so I called the hotline of the insurance company with my mobile and they really supported me in the process of informing the police, going to the right car workshop, and they even provided me with a car for the 9 days my car got repaired.

TOPCHECK: Did your policy cover all the damages associated with the car accident?

JEANEA: It was unbelievable. I was first very skeptical when I compared car insurance policies on your site, because I heard some rumors that some insurers don't come up with the money after you handed in a claim, but I informed myself a lot on TopCheck and chose an insurance company with an excellent reputation. And yes, they covered all the cost of the accident, so the repair costs of my vehicles as well as the ones from the parked car thanks to my comprehensive car insurance policy.

TOPCHECK: That's very good to hear, Jeanea. We actually always advise our customers to go for comprehensive coverage to be on the safe side. What would have happened if you had no car insurance at all?

JEANEA: That would have been a disastrous situation for our family with long lasting aftermaths. We have two children and a tight family budget - we basically have no financial space to cover such high one-time costs as the ones from the workshop.

TOPCHECK: Do you have other insurances?

JEANEA: Not yet (she smiles). After the incident my husband and I started to talk about this topic and we are currently looking for a private health insurance in case any unforeseen happens to us or our children. We really realized how great insurances are and how they make our lives much safer!

TOPCHECK: Jeanea, thank you for the interview. We're sure that there are many people out there, who will follow your path in order to be on the safe side when something unexpected disrupts their daily lives.

Summary of Car Insurance Benefits

  • You can enjoy financial readiness in case of unexpected reimbursement obligations.
  • No loss of mobility for most comprehensive car insurance policies.
  • Insurance helps you with all the paperwork after an accident.
  • You you comply with the law when having at least 3rd party coverage.

Inform yourself

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Car Insurance is awesome!