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Best Car Industry Innovations - Part 1

Tesla's concept of electric cars remains the best modern innovation in the car industry as of present.
The car industry is one of the fastest moving industry at all time. Since decades, the industry witnesses every year new innovations that pale older, once awesome, car models into mediocrity. In fact, innovations are the weapons with which major players in the car industry fight the never-ending battle for supremacy. This first part of TopCheck's best innovations in the car industry review is focused on Tesla, one of the most innovative player that disrupted the whole concept of fuel motor.

Despite being introduced over a decade ago, Tesla's concept of electric cars remains the best modern innovation in the car industry as of present. While a number of more brilliant and more amazing innovations have been announced lately, virtually all are still the pipes. But Tesla's concept is the most brilliant concept that has seen full implementation and has proven nearly flawless.

Tesla's innovation was borne out of the idea to create cars that will be powered by AC propulsion rather than fuel. Aside commercializing the idea to generate profits, the company also aimed to contribute significantly to the preservation of the planet, since the electric cars are eco-friendly.

The successful implementation of Tesla's electric car innovation can be largely attributed to the interest and efforts of veteran investor, Elon Musk. Upon sensing the brilliance of the idea, Musk joined Tesla's Board of Directors as Chairman in 2004 after having led the series A round of investments to support the idea. Since then, the company has launched a number of additional investment rounds and attracted financial backing from many prominent entrepreneurs and VC firms.

The Roadster, Tesla's first product, was an all-electric sport car. First announced in 2006, it was the first highway capable all-electric vehicle to be serially produced in the United States. It was also the first mass-production electric vehicle that can travel more than 200 miles (320km) per charge.

In 2008, Tesla announced the release of the Model S, an all-electric sedan. The Model S is the company's most successful product (66,812 units sold by the end of March 2015) and having won a good number of awards including the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year, 2013 World Green Car of the Year and 2012 Time Magazine's 25 Best Inventions of the Year, among others.

Tesla also unveiled the Model X in 2012, but mass production of the vehicle will not start until mid 2015. The company also announced its Model 3, whose production will start in 2017. The company also announced in 2009 its willingness to produce electric minivans, crossover SUVs, and electric fleet vans.

To date, Tesla's keeps fine-tuning its concept by adding necessary tweaks to make it blend with changing trends. For example, the company plans to include an autopilot feature in new Model S units. This feature will help the car to detect road signs, lane markings, obstacles, and other vehicles. It will also enable semi-autonomous drive and parking capabilities.

While Tesla's concept might not be brand-new, it's still going strong, and no other innovation has been able to knock it out of significance. Again, many other promising - and even more awesome - innovations have been announced by different car manufacturers, but most are yet to be implemented and tested in the market.