1 If you are on a contract, the easiest way to slash your cell phone bill is by staying under your talk time minutes.

Most cell phone companies will put a hefty charge to phone calls made out of your plan quota. By tracking your talk time and monitoring your usage, there is very little chance that you will be charged with an exorbitant bill at the end of the month. If you find yourself going over your quota every month, talk to your cell phone provider about a contract that will better suit your talk time needs.

2 While signing or updating your cell phone contract will make you save money on your monthly bills, keep in mind not to cancel your plan before it's over.

Indeed, depending on your service provider, an anticipated contract cancellation can lead to outrageous fees. No matter how badly you want the latest phone, try stick with your contract until its end to avoid paying a lump sum to cover the changing costs.

3 Connect to the Wi-Fi network as much as possible: at the office, at home or even in a café. Basically, whenever you can!

Coffee shops and malls often offer free Wi-Fi so remember to check if there's an available network if you're about to send a large file or stream media. Once you're connected to the Wi-Fi, you can use as much data as you like without worrying about your data running out. Connecting to Wi-Fi can have a huge impact on your monthly data usage.

4 Avoid costly extras like ringtones, games, songs and streaming live videos.

Not only is it a waste of data but most game and text services will come with a subscription fee attached that could be taking money off your account every month without you knowing about it.

5 When your contract expires, always ask your service provider about new or better deals.

The prices of cell phone contracts tend to go down over time for the same service so take advantage of being a loyal customer. It is worth trying, you might even get discounts on a new mobile!